Delivering Honesty A note from the Founder’s desk

8 August , 2021

The Honest Milk Company is about so much more than just incredible milk. It’s a reflection of what we believe the Indian dairy Industry needs to evolve and grow into, benefiting both the farmer and consumer.

We began our journey by questioning why milk in India can’t be on par with the western world. Our dairy industry supports millions of farmers and is highly fractured in nature, making it a big supply chain game. This further bolstered our hope to help provide solutions that will improve the cleanliness of milk from the source.

We were early to learn that large, single-source commercial farms like they have in the west are not a feasible structure in India, realizing that this gap can actually be turned into an opportunity for infrastructural research.

Thus began our quest of science to understand what actually improves the quality of milk. It all came down to two simple areas - feeding and management.

We in turn learnt that by feeding our animals optimal diets, the quality and quantity of milk improved drastically. Add to this a cattle management process to ensure hygiene and comfort in terms of milking and living conditions; the change you see in the animals is truly amazing.

Our goal is to also help improve the basic principles of dairying in India from the grassroots. We have tied up with our mentors at Dodla Dairy to start the journey with their 2,00,000 farmers.

So by supporting The Honest Milk Company, not only are you signing up for the best quality of milk out there, you’re also signing up to be a part of India’s next white revolution.

Let’s make every glass of milk in India, an honest one!

- Dodla Silpa Reddy (Founder, Honest Milk Co.)
  Bachelors of Dairy Sciences, UW-Madison 16’