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1L Variants

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1L Variants

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1L Variants

Free Delivery


  • Pastured
  • 4.2% Fat
  • 3.1% Protein
  • 60% Calories (per 100ml)
  • Bacterial Load
  • FSSAI Compliant
  • As Honest As Milk Can Get!

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Customer Reviews

Vishnu Rajam Posted on 26/11/2021 |

The most delicious milk I’ve tasted in my life! Nestle milk is bland and flavourless by comparison. Honest milk is so tasty that I drink an ice cold glass every night as dessert after dinner :)

Radhika Maheshwari Posted on 13/08/2021 |

The milk was so good. I prefer my milk plain, so I can say when I taste a good milk. Definitely going to recommend this one.

Shreya Goenka Posted on 22/06/2021 |

The paneer was excellent from the milk! Really white and rich, my cook was very happy! Can't wait to start ordering once you launch

Kiran Sarin Posted on 16/06/2021 |

The milk was great. My mother-in-law was super happy. She has been cribbing that the milk is not as good as what she gets in her village, and she was very happy with yours.

Shruti Sanghvi Posted on 23/06/2021 |

The milk was yummmm, it will be hard to go back to regular milk. Can't wait to subscribe!

Aparna VijayKumar Posted on 16/06/2021 |

The milk doesn’t need boiling right? I had it as it is, cold. And LOVED it.

Dhvani Anumolu Posted on 19/06/2021 |

Thank you so much for the milk, we’re in love with it. It is so pure and tastes amazing! It’s so reassuring to know how and where our products come from. Didn’t have to add any sugar in it either, my son loved it plain! We are definitely big fans of the brand!